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Rainbow Cat Toy Balls Soft EVA Foam Interactive Indoor Kittens Dogs Puppies Favorite Chase Quiet Play Toy foam Balls

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Coloured Foam Cat Toys Balls Soft EVA Foam Rainbow Balls Interactive Cats Small Dogs Toys

Materialball is made of soft lightweight EVA Foam
ماپ: 35ايم ايم,42mm or other custom size.
Suitable for cat,dog play,kids toys,golf ball,Cats can pick them up in their mouth and carry them to wherever he/she wants to play. Great for fetching, training, chewing and teething

  • Made of high-quality EVA material.
  • Lightweight and soft foam ball, so it will not break anything.
  • Features:Soft, light-weight and flexible golf balls, ideal indoor practice sports training balls for the golf ball lovers.
  • Use range: Suitable for indoor exercise and children practice as well



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