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    재료: soft eva foam
    Standard hardness: Shore C 38 degree,custom Shore C 25,45,55,65 degree
    Size: from 10mm to 60mm
    Color: custom pantone color.
    Custom logo: can print your logo on it.

    • 명세서
    • FUN FOR INDOORS: These lightweight foam balls are awesome for throwing, juggling, rolling, catching, and playing with indoors. Kids and parents love them because their little ones can play with them and not get hurt or knock over anything in the house. Take them outside and toss them on the backyard trampoline for even more fun!
    • LIGHTWEIGHT AND SOFT: Soft balls for kids are made from high-quality EVA-Foam material, have a spongy texture, are lightweight and durable. They’re great for little hands to grip, which means toddlers, and kids all ages and abilities can easily play with them. Pets will love them too! Balls are easy to wipe clean
    • PERFECT FOR GAMES & PARTY FAVORS: Ideal for fun activities at home, childcare, camp, classrooms, parachute play, playgrounds and more. Perfect for playing games in school and at carnivals, or use them for party favors, goodie bag stuffers and game prizes. With so many uses and a price this amazing, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t order more

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