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PE 폼 개스킷 5 갤런 캡 씰 라이너

Product Name : PE 폼 개스킷 5 Gallon Cap Seal Liner Material : Polyethylene (PE) / Expandable Polyethylene (EPE) Structure : Closed-Cell, Chemically Cross-Linked Structure Thickness : 1.5mm / 1.7mm / 2.0mm/3.0mm, 등. Inner Diameter : 20.0mm / 27.0mm, 등. Outer Diameter : 56.0mm / 60.0mm, 등. Custom Die Cutting : Accept Color : White / Nature (White Color With

PE foam seal liner

Cosmetic bottle cap PE foam liner plastic bottle cap liner

Material PE foam material Thickness 0.5-4MM ensity 25-400kg/m3 Diameter 100-800mm Color White Shape Die cut piece or any shape according customersrequiremen Feature Antioxidant, 방수, Moistureproof, Theftproof,Good sealing and Beautiful Characteristics the foam sheet could also be filmed with PE.PP,PVDC,PET,AL.the foam sheet could also be filmed with PE.PP,PVDC,PET,AL.  



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