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Size:15mm ,18mm,22mm,25mm,or other customized size.
Color: red,black,or other custom pantone color.
LOGO: printed your logo on it.
With Hole: Yes


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낚시 미끼 포퍼
To get just the right level of buoyancy that you need means using the right size of Bait Popper. With the increasing popularity of pike baits like lamprey, mini-bluey and launce we found that our regular-sized Bait Poppers needed to be trimmed down to get the right amount of lift. Obviously, cutting down a larger popper is easy to do, but we wanted the ‘right tool for the job’, hence these new smaller poppers.

For small mackerel and herring, medium smelt and other smaller baits this new size is perfect for creating popped-up or slow-sinking presentations.

Available in red

For best results attach Bait Poppers to a short length of trace wire approximately 6cm long. Crimp a small loop to the end of the length of trace and using a baiting needle pass the wire through the body of the bait so that the popper is in front of the head and the wire loop exits near the fish&rsquos vent. Next thread your wire trace through the loop and attach your hooks to the bait.

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