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  • customize colorful soft protective epe foam tube rod Edge Protector Type protective foam tube

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    EPE Tubes is a call expanded cellular Polythylene foam available in hose form with varied inner and outer diameters. it is excellent for heat insulation & hence the right choice for industries such as airconditioning and refrigeration. its packaging properties also make for Packing of Various applications available in various sizes.The entire product range is checked against different quality parameters so that our clients get only the best quality from us.

    Technical Features

    1. EPE foam tubes give excellent thermal insulation due to their low thermal conductivity.
    2. Very soft and flexible, so it is very easy to cut and install
    3. EPE Tubes has good Outlook,Light in weight with high durability
    4. Is thermally stable – 10 c to 70 c .
    5. Non-toxic, strong , durable, low water absorption and vapor permeability.

    Uses and Applications

    The EPE Foam Pipe Insulation Tubes is precisely tailored to cater to a wide range of uses and applications. The varied inner and outer diameters make it the perfect fit for your varied requirements.

    • Excellent for heat and thermal insulation
    • Provides effective insulation for hot water and solar systems
    • Finely prevents condensation in cold and humid weather
    • Right choice for air conditioner and refrigeration industries
    • Used for protection and decoration as well
    • Perfect application for plumbing, heating, outdoor and more

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