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표준 크기: 60*1500MM,65*1500MM,70*1500MM,75*1500MM

Polyethylene Low Density

Move about in the water, devise water constructions by combining several noodles or even use as part of your Aquafitness session

The foam swimming pool noodle is listed under Discovering swimming: kids are already comfortable in the water, know how to use their arms and legs to balance themselves and are not afraid to put their face in the water.

With a noodle under their arms or on their stomach, they will discover the proper swimming position (horizontal position) Can also be used in water games or water aerobics.

A swimming pool noodle is a cylindrical and buoyant foam flotation device that is widely used in swimming pools for recreational purposes. While it may seem simple, the swimming pool noodle has become a versatile and popular accessory for water-based activities. Here are some key aspects and uses of swimming pool noodles:

1. **재료:**
Pool noodles are typically made from closed-cell foam, often polyethylene. This construction makes them buoyant and resistant to water absorption.

2. **Design and Size:**
The traditional pool noodle is long and cylindrical, resembling a flexible tube. They are available in various lengths and diameters, allowing users to choose the size that best suits their preferences.

3. **Colors and Patterns:**
Pool noodles come in a variety of colors and patterns, adding a fun and vibrant element to pool activities. Bright and easily visible colors contribute to pool safety.

4. **Buoyancy and Flotation:**
The primary purpose of a pool noodle is to provide buoyancy and support for individuals in the water. Users can hold onto or wrap the noodle around themselves to float or maintain a comfortable position while swimming.

5. **Water Play and Recreation:**
Pool noodles are versatile and can be used for various water-based games and activities. They can serve as props for creative play, such as building structures or as part of imaginative water adventures.

6. **Aquatic Exercise:**
Pool noodles are often used as aids in aquatic exercise routines. They can provide resistance for strength training or be incorporated into water aerobics classes for added support during workouts.

7. **Learning to Swim:**
Pool noodles are excellent tools for teaching individuals, especially children, how to swim. By providing additional buoyancy and support, they offer a sense of security as beginners build confidence in the water.

8. **Safety:**
Pool noodles can be used as safety devices. They can be positioned along the pool edge or attached to a flotation device to create a barrier or cushioning, preventing accidental collisions.

9. **DIY Pool Toys:**
Due to their buoyant and flexible nature, pool noodles are often used in DIY projects to create other pool toys. They can be cut and shaped to form water rafts, floating games, or even water cannons.

10. **Pool Decorations:**
Decorative pool noodles with unique shapes or patterns are available, adding a festive and decorative touch to pool environments.

11. **Cost-Effective and Durable:**
Pool noodles are relatively inexpensive, making them an affordable choice for water recreation. 추가적으로, they are durable and can withstand exposure to sun and water over time.

요약하자면, swimming pool noodles are simple yet versatile flotation devices that have found popularity for their use in various water-related activities, from play and exercise to learning how to swim. Their affordability, durability, and creative potential contribute to their widespread appeal among individuals of all ages enjoying time in the pool.


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