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Well made EVA Swimming Long Lasting Training kickboard suitable for children and adults Beginner Swimmers

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An Excellent Tool For Beginner Swimmers 

1. **Buoyancy Support**: Kickboards provide buoyancy support, allowing beginners to focus on kicking without worrying about staying afloat. This helps build confidence in the water and allows beginners to concentrate on improving their leg strength and kicking technique.

2. **Isolation of Leg Movement**: By holding onto the kickboard, beginners can isolate their leg movements and focus on kicking from the hips, rather than relying solely on the arms for propulsion. This helps develop proper kicking technique, which is essential for efficient swimming strokes.

3. **Improvement of Leg Strength and Endurance**: Kicking with a kickboard helps strengthen the leg muscles, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles. Regular practice with a kickboard can improve leg strength and endurance, which are important for all swimming strokes.

4. **Focus on Body Positioning**: Using a kickboard encourages beginners to maintain a horizontal body position in the water, with the hips and legs near the surface. This correct body positioning is essential for minimizing drag and maximizing efficiency while swimming.

5. **Enhanced Breathing Skills**: Since the arms are not engaged while using a kickboard, beginners can focus on practicing rhythmic breathing techniques. Learning to breathe comfortably and efficiently while kicking lays the foundation for more advanced swimming skills.

Overall, kickboards are valuable tools for swimming beginners as they provide support, isolate leg movement, improve strength and endurance, promote proper body positioning, and allow for focused practice on breathing techniques.

As beginners become more proficient in kicking, they can gradually transition to using the kickboard less frequently and focus on refining their overall swimming technique.

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