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Product Description

EVA(Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)EVA foam has the advantage of water-proof, moisture-proof, shock-proof, sound-proof,insulation, heat preservation, recyclable, good impact resistant, आदि, also owns good chemical resistance.
We produce eva foam with different hardness,colors and thickness it can be widely used for packaging, craft work,floor mats, insulation and instruction etc.

Products Specifications
सामग्री: EVA आकार: 1mx3m (or custom size)
रंग: Black/white /cutomized) मोटाई: 0.5-62मिमी
Density: 80±5kg/m3 Certification: ROHS,REACH,EN71
कठोरता: 38 shore C Sample time 1 working day
MOQ: 100 Sq.m पैकेजिंग: Plastic bags
Delivery time for bulk: 7-15 days Payment term: 30% advance pay,balance paid before shipment
Product features: जलरोधक, shock absorption, heat-Resistant, ध्वनि पृथक्करण, weather-resistant, easy to die-cut,
Application : For packaging material,protection floor mat,shockproof mat


Size range: from 0.5 to 62mm for black and white ,0.5 to 54mm for colorfull

Multi colors▲

Embossed pattern foam▲

Self-adhesive available▶Single sided/double sided adhesive,Normal/stronger adhesive.


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