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Yoga Wedge Block

» Yoga Wedge Block

  • Fascia rollers foam roller extra-long fascia roller Pilates roller for neck back spine and buttocks trigger point massage roller for self-massage

    Yoga Wedge Block
    • Specifications
    • 【Body Relaxation】Muscle stretches and massages can be performed before and after fitness, exercise, and reduce stiffness. Relieve muscle soreness and tension, Penetrates deep into body muscles to quickly release myofascia, Improve muscle flexibility.
    • 【Good for Everybody】Ideal for runners, athletic athletes, yoga and Pilates students, swimmers to relax muscles and perform daily stretches after a workout, and to help reduce shoulders, arms, legs, back, buttocks, thighs, hamstrings, quads, calves lactic acid buildup after exercise.
    • 【High Density Material 】Our foam rollers are made of PVC and EVA material and it’s good cushioning elasticity so will not lose its shape after heavy use. They’re light weight, pressure-resistant, waterproof, sweat-proof easy to clean, durable.
    • 【Lightweight & Portable】Our foam roller set comes with a durable Portable nylon mesh bag so it’s easy storage and transportation. It’s very suitable for home, gym and outdoor sports so that you can stretch and relax wherever you need before or after exercise or yoga.

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